What did work won't work..


I now realise something ...  

In the last post I spoke about my story and what lead you to finding out about me…  

This message is about one of the guys I work with, he is a busy guy that runs a small business -stress levels are high and finding time to work-out or "be healthy" have been on the back burner for a long time.  

He reached out for help and back in my earlier days in fitness, delivering training to guys getting ready for on of the most arduous courses in the British army I would have taken the Nike approach, "just do it" or in more of a military vein, "just f***ing get on with it".  

A lot has changed since those days and I know realise that that kind of approach will not work, it is to simplistic. Don’t get me wrong I am all for simple, direct approaches but, simplistic thinking will never work, we need to peel back the skin.  

So, why does the "just do it" approach work for those guys and not for you?  

Well, it is pretty simple, guys getting ready for that course had a clear step by step path to follow that would lead them straight to the ultimate goal……passing the course and becoming a member of an elite airborne unit. Clear goal with a clear step by step path to get there.  

The other big factor is, life as a twenty-year-old is pretty dam straight forward if you look back, one ball in the air, keep it in the air until you get the result……Is your life that simple now? I am guessing not and do you have a specific goal with a step by step path to it…?  

So what’s the point, well, we need to be smarter than your average twenty-year-old, that much is clear.  

We also need to have a plan that will work with our lifestyle and fit around our commitments. 

Easier said than done!?